Learn Hacking and Pentesting


Source: XSS

XSS Filter Bypass

Source: XSS Filter Bypass


Source: Reconnaissance

Scanning and Enumeration

Source: Scanning and Enumeration

PowerShell Empire 3 – Hack Windows 10 Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack using Empire via http Link and MS-Office OLE Object


PowerShell Empire 2 – Hack Window 10 with Microsoft Office

Make an MS-Office macro using empire and hack Windows

PowerShell Empire 1 – Introduction

Introduction to PowerShell Empire (How to use Empire and its basics)

Create Persistent Backdoor on Windows 10 (make hidden service)

I use my framework to create a hidden background service on victim machine (backdoor)

Framework :

Bind exe with image (hide backdoor in image)

In this tutorial i have bind my payload exe with image using s simple trick


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